Dataset: Gold Undercover Initiative Area


Gold Undercover Initiative Area

The boundary denotes the area of primary interest of the Gold Undercover Initiative. Its’ boundaries approximate the outcrop to cover transition in the south and follow the Victorian border and an approximate 100m depth of cover limit to the north. Its’ area does include areas of outcrop in which deposits like Stawell, Bendigo and Fosterville are located, because they are included in many comparative studies in individual Gold Undercover projects.

Developing Gold Undercover is a AUD$9 million initiative over 3 years as part of the government's Provincial Victoria statement. The project runs from July 2006 to June 2009.
The Gold Undercover project will deliver the new geoscience insights and techniques required to discover the potentially large undiscovered gold resources presently concealed under cover.
This project will stimulate the research and exploration communities in Victoria and help re-establish regional Victoria as a leading gold producer.

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