Dataset: NSW EasementLine Dataset


NSW Easement Line is a line feature class within the NSW Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB). It represents a right, attached to land (the dominant tenement), to use other land (the servient tenement) for a specified non-exclusive purpose known to the law, for example right of carriageway, easement to drain water - however the law recognises an easement in favour of a statutory authority without a dominant tenement, described as an "easement in gross". The easements are commonly for major infrastructure services (Transmission Lines, Water Supply, Gas etc.). The attributes ‘create date’ and ‘modified date’ provide information on the features’ temporal accuracy. There is no overall accuracy reported in the database. This class forms a part of the “Associated” Theme. For more information and definitions of each theme, feature class, feature instance and their attributes please refer to the Land and Property Information DCDB Data Dictionary.

General Information