Dataset: MER Hydrology Condition Assessment - Modelled Catchment - Derived Dataset


To generate a Hydrologic Condition rating, as part of the State of the Catchment reporting for the whole of NSW, the Sustainable River Audit (SRA) approach was used where river systems have a IQQM model. This dataset is the result. The SRA approach, used in their first report, is a Obseved comparison with Expected (or Refferene) approach, where modelled monthly streamflows are compared. Obseved is provided by a long term modelled sequence of flow for the currently observed water development. And the Expected (or Refference) is provided as the same period simulated without any direct impoundment of flow or extraction of flow. Note catchment development impacts and climate change are not adjusted for in the Refference modelled sequence. From these two sequences 7 indicies are caluated. 3 of these indicies are used directly as Indicators for Seasonality, High Flows, and Variability. And 2 sets of 2 indicies are combined to create 2 more Indicators for Low Flows and Gross Annual Volumes. 5 Indicators in all, which are combined using a expert decision process to provide an overall hydrologic condition rating.

General Information