Dataset: Vegetation of Gamilaroi Nature Reserves, 2006. VIS_ID 4023


The vegetation of Gamilaroi Nature Reserves is described and mapped (scale 1:50 000). This reserve is park of the NSW National Park and Wildlife Service estate. Four communities are defined based on classification (Kulczynski association). These four communities were mapped based on ground truthing, air photo interpretation and landform. Almost all of the reserve is dominated by the Eucalyptus pilligaensis (Pilliga Box), Cadellia pentastylis (Ooline) assemblages. Much of the reserve has been disturbed in the past, particularly by clearing and grazing. Two of the four communities are listed as endangered ecological communities and a third community would be included within the same endangered determination in many instances. Most communities are of generally of a woodland structure though much closed scrub occurs. A total of 176 vascular plant taxa were found from 58 families and 130 genera. VIS_ID 4023

General Information