Dataset: Vegetation and floristics of Boomi West Nature Reserve, 2006. VIS_ID 4020


The vegetation and floristics of Boomi West Nature Reserve is described and mapped (1:50 000). Six communities were mapped based on ground truthing, air photo interpretation and landform. One community is considered to be endangered and all others are considered to be poorly reserved and ‘of concern’. Most communities are of woodland structure, though some sections are forests or derived shrubland and grasslands based on past clearing and selective logging practices. The communities show considerable variation and intergrade along common boundaries and in particular on intermediate soil types. In general the all six communities probably are representatives of assemblages more commonly found within central and western Queensland. The three reserves are dominated in general by Callitris glaucophylla, Geijera parviflora and Eucalyptus populnea. This project was commissioned by NPWS Western Branch Northern Plains Region (ROCU), Narrabri office. NPWS staff have undertaken ground truthing and ascertained that there are some inconsistencies between vegetation communities described and mapped in this report and vegetation types observable in Boomi, Boomi West and Boronga NRs. The observed discrepancies were not able to be rectified during the term of the contract. Please consider these inconsistencies when using the dataset for undertaking reserve-scale operational, planning or environmental assessment activities on NPWS-managed reserves. VIS_ID 4020

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