Dataset: Eastern Bushlands Database VIS_ID 518


"Eastern Bushlands Database - Northern Region. Roberts, G. (1992). Vegetation systems of north east New South Wales: Mapped from Landsat TM imagery. NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service NEP 91 298.Broadscale Structural Vegetation mapping covering the eastern portion of NSW. The EBDB provides a broadscale management tool for conservation planning and decision making for purposes including stratifying field survey effort, regional planning, baseline estimation of clearing or regrowth rates, and as input to state-wide forest cover datasets.Data was captured as part of the Save the Bush funded Eastern Bushlands Database project. The dataset consists of three complete portions covering eastern NSW - Northern, Southern and Central. The three separate datasets are similar but not enough to enable combining of them. Data should not be used at scales finer than 1:250 000.Mapped using visual interpretation of Landsat TM satellite imagery. Attribute mapping includes structural vegetation information. Linework derived by visual interpretation of hardcopy Landsat TM imagery printed at 1:100 000. Polygons attributed by combination of visual interpretation and low intensity field work. Higher level of detail mapped in the Central Region, with a total of 53,592 polygons mapped (23,099 <10 ha) as compared to the Southern Region (13,400 polygons mapped, 1,822 <10 ha) and the Northern region (36,204 polygons mapped, 9,916 <10 ha)."VIS_ID 518

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