Dataset: Capacity of Natural Resource Managers (T13) 2009


The NSW Government has implemented 13 state-wide natural resource management (NRM) targets. Target 13 deals with the ways in which people influence natural resource outcomes through their management of natural resources.A participatory workshop approach was used to assess capacity to contribute to regionally relevant NRM. For agricultural land managers, communities of NR managers were asked to identify aspects (indicators) of each of five types of capital (natural, human, financial, physicical and social) that constrained or enabled their ability to manage natural resources using a scale of 0 (effectively constraining NRM, high priority for action) to 5 (effectively supporting NRM, low priority for action). For each indicator, participants were asked to suggest actions that might remove the constraint (or enhance the enabler). For non-agricultural natural resource managers (eg local government, miners, land developers) focus was drawn to the institutional and organisational values/assets that these managers use to influence the condition of natural resources. In workshops with non-farm natural resource managers, three questions were posed:1. How do non-farm natural resource managers influence NRM?2. What is the capacity of non-farm natural resource managers to influence improved NRM?3. What opportunities exist to improve NRM capacity for non-farm natural resource managers?

General Information