Dataset: Vegetation of Careunga Nature Reserves, 2006. VIS_ID 4022


The vegetation of Careunga Nature Reserves is described and mapped (scale 1:50 000). Four communities are defined based on classification (Kulczynski association). These four communities were mapped based on ground truthing, air photo interpretation and landform. Almost all of the reserve is dominated by the Casuarina cristata (Belah) assemblage, in most instances in a good quality state though some sections have been highly disturbed in the past and of regrowth or cleared and yet to recover, these systems though not listed as threatened should be considered to be ‘of concern’ and poorly conserved across their geographic range. The other three described vegetation units are all listed as endangered within the Brigalow Belt South Bioregion. A total of 107 vascular plant taxa were found from 39 families and 87 genera. VIS_ID 4022

General Information