Dataset: Vegetation of the Cessnock-Kurri Region - Confidence VIS_ID 185


A vegetation survey, classification and mapping program of the Cessnock-Kurri region was carried out during 2006-07 by Stephen Bell and Colin Driscoll. The survey was principally to clarify the composition and distribution of three Endangered Ecological Communities (EECs). Nearly 70000ha of land was examined between the foothills of the Watagan Range in the south, the Corrabare and Broken Back Ranges in the west, North Rothbury in the north, and the Wallis Creek floodplain in the east. The main aim of the study was to identify, classify and map all extant vegetation within the study area, as well as to provide a pre-1750 vegetation map of the area.Vegetation Condition and Disturbed Vegetation mapping components were also included, to assist in determining priorities for future rehabilitation of sensitive lands. VIS_ID 185

General Information