Dataset: Bathurst District Vegetation Survey VIS_ID 864


Vegetation map of Conimbla National Park.Vegetation descriptions from Boden, R. & Mitchell, L. (1996). Bathurst Vegetation Survey. Unpublished report by ERM Mitchell McCotter for the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Bathurst District. The NSW NPWS commissioned vegetation surveys of Winburndale NR and Nangar, Conimbla and Weddin Mountains NPs, as the first stage in preparing fire management plans. Key project tasks were literature review to compile an annotated bibliography, and vegetation surveys to describe communities, their floristic composition and conservation status. Mapping produced by Boden & Mitchell was deemed insufficient for reserve management needs. Subsequently, more detailed mapping (this dataset) was undertaken by Roger Lembit under contract to NPWS Bathurst District office in 1997.VIS_ID 864

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