Dataset: Soil Condition Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting 2008 Indicators


Results of the NSW soil condition monitoring 2008 baseline establishment for NSW. Soil Condition is the soil's ability to deliver ecosystem services and is rated for each of eight indicators from 5 (at or better than reference, natural or pristine condition) to 1 (very degraded) from a network of permanent sites, which are often paired across land uses. Intermediate ratings are based on functional thresholds for each indicator and are averaged from sites into soil monitoring units. Results are delivered for 124 soil monitoring units which are located in every catchment management region and collectively cover approximately one third of NSW. Indicators include sheet, wind and gully erosion, soil pH, soil carbon, soil structure, soil salinity and acid sulfate soils. The minimal spatial reporting entity is soil monitoring unit to protect site representativeness. Metadata statements for each indicator are separately available.

General Information