Dataset: BARADINE 1:50000 Scale Printed Topographic Map 1st Edition 8736-S


The First, Second, and Third Edition Topographic Map Series are series of hardcopy topographic maps covering NSW. The maps were produced by the Land and Property Information, a Division of the Department of Finance and Services or equivalent department between 1970 and 2011. The maps represent the State’s topographic features, including natural, physical and cultural aspects at a scale of 1:50 000, where 1 cm on the map represents 500 m. These maps have been progressively replaced with the autogenerated series since 2011. For more information on the Digital Topographic Database (DTDB) and definitions of each feature class, feature instance and their attributes please refer to the Land and Property DTDB Data Dictionary and DTDB metadata. For more information on the accompanying ADS orthophoto or the autogenerated map series, please refer to their individual metadata records.

General Information