Dataset: Vegetation Survey and Mapping of Narran Lake, 2010. VIS_ID 4016


Vegetation survey and mapping of Narran Lake Nature Reserve in 2010, commissioned by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Narrabri Region.

This dataset incorporates and supersedes previous reports and datasets created by the author in 1999 and 2006.

Eleven communities were determined based on floristic analysis of 20 x 20 m survey sites, and described using dominant species and structural characteristics. Vegetation communities were mapped using ground truthing, position in landscape and stereo interpretation of aerial photos captured at 1:50,000. Lineage and attribution accuracy are unknown, however NPWS staff have undertaken ground truthing and ascertained that there are some inconsistencies between vegetation communities described and mapped in this report and vegetation types observable in the reserve.
NOTE: Please consider these inconsistencies when using the dataset for undertaking reserve-scale operational, planning or environmental assessment activities on NPWS-managed reserves, particularly the delineation of threatened ecological communities. Anomalies are described in Dataset History.

This mapping was initiated by the addition of 'Terewah'. This version combines and supersedes previous maps and reports produced by the author in 2006 and 1999.
VIS_ID 4016

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