Dataset: Salinity Hazard for Catchment Action Plan (CAP) Updates: Murrumbidgee CMA - May 2012


The thirteen NSW Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) are required to update their Catchment Action Plans (CAPs) in a process to be completed by early 2013. The CAPs are required to be "Whole of Government" in order to provide greater coherence between policies and plans as they develop strategic direction at regional levels. CAPs must align with or take into account common elements of agency activity, and require a high level of co-ordination. A cross agency team was employed in December 2011 to produce a salinity tool for CAP updates, as a Salinity Hazard for CAP Updates project. This project has been funded by Catchment Action NSW.The primary output of the Salinity Hazard for CAP Updates project is a broad scale salinity hazard spatial coverage and report for each CMA. The product referred to in this metadata statement is produced for the Murrumbidgee CMA for use in upgrading its Catchment Action Plan (CAP). The Murrumbidgee CAP is a cabinet approved document which outlines the investment priorities and delivery targets for natural resource management (NRM) across the Murrumbidgee CMA area. The Murrumbidgee CMA is currently reviewing and upgrading the CAP which was developed in 2004-05.

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