Dataset: Brewarrina 20090622 RGB 10 cm


The mosaic covers a town or city in NSW. It was created by ortho-rectifying, colour matching and joining overlapping image strips captured with multiple flight lines over the project area using a Leica ADS40 airborne digital sensor.This product can be ordered only as a true colour RGB or BGRN image using the Red, Green, Blue or Near Infra Red bands. Depending on coverage variables, this product has a ground sampling distance (GSD) of either 10cm or 20cm. The aerial imagery used for the creation of this product was flown between the dates shown in the “Additional Extent – Temporal” field of this metadata statement. The mosaic was created on the date shown in the “Date of Creation” field of this metadata statement. The mosaic is supplied as a compressed Enhanced Compressed Wavelet (.ecw) file which is typically between 1 and 4 gigabytes in size.

General Information