Dataset: Fine-Scale Vegetation Mapping of the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (ver 1.1). VIS_ID 3866


This dataset (Version 1.1, Class 5) represents fine-scale floristic vegetation mapping within the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area. Vegetation has been categorized into communities, classes and formations, with the composition of respective vegetation species identified.Mapping was conducted by vegetation mapping ‘experts’ (NSW Department ofEnvironment and Heritage) between September 2009 and April 2012, and was basedon 3-D PLANAR modelling, aerial photography interpretation, field floristic assessment,and PATN statistical analysis. A nominal scale of use of 1:5,000 is recommended for dataset display andinterpretation, as linework digitising was based on ADS40 (50cm resolution) and minimum polygon size of 0.2 ha, and was captured at screen scale of between 1:1000 and 1:1500.The map is not to be used at a property level scale or for development applications where a scale of 1:1200 or greater may be required to determine the level variation ofvegetation within a property. Furthermore, DAs still need to undergo the rigour of planning laws in NSW including local assessment of impacts on flora and fauna.Overall thematic accuracy is reported at 66% (independent assessment), with OEH reviewed overall accuracy being 77% weighted by total area of each vegetation class.NOTE: Custodianship of this datasets is yet to be determinedThe dataset is to be considered a standalone layer. VIS_ID 3866

General Information