Dataset: Lower Hunter and Central Coast Regional vegetation survey VIS_ID 2225


"The NPWS were contracted by the Lower Hunter and Central Coast Regional Environment Management Strategy (LHCCREMS) to carry out vegetation survey and mapping across the region. The initial vegetation survey and mapping study formed the first major part of the data collection and analysis effort for this project.The primary aims of the study were to produce a detailed cross tenure map of the distribution of the vascular plant communities in the Lower Hunter and Central Coast region; provide estimates of the distribution of the plant communities prior to the arrival of Europeans (pre-1750); utilise project methodologies which are consistent with the Comprehensive Regional Assessment (CRA) work conducted on public land in the region so that the two surveys can be amalgamated into a single database to greatly improve the resolution and usefulness of each; and provide a context for future studies so that data collection is compatible with, and contributes to the on-going development of a comprehensive regional database.This work was then updated by Ecological in May 2003. This involved the integration of additional remnant mapping, review of mapping errors and correction, additional canopy cover mapping and other general refinements of the map layer, including information on canopy condition. Extant vegetation data mapped from aerial photos, combined with a pre1750 model of vegetation communities to produce an extant vegetation community map. Photos flown between 2000 & 2001 to produce extant vegetation map. This map then combined with the existing pre1750 vegetation community mapping undertaken by NSW NPWS to produce an extant vegetation community map."VIS_ID 2225

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