Dataset: Blackville 20111019 RGB 50 cm


The mosaic covers a standard NSW 1:100,000 map partition area.It was created by ortho-rectifying, colour matching and joining overlapping image strips captured with multiple flight lines over the project area using a Leica ADS40 airborne digital sensor. This product can be ordered as a 3band RGB or 4band BGRN [limited availability] image mosaic using the Blue, Green, and Red. This product has a ground sampling distance (GSD) of 50cm. The aerial imagery used for the creation of this product was flown between the dates shown in the “Additional Extent – Temporal” field of this metadata statement. The mosaic was created on the date shown in the “Date of Creation” field of this metadata statement. The mosaic is supplied as an Enhanced Compressed Wavelet (.ecw) file which is approximately 10 gigabytes in size.

General Information