Dataset: Parking Expiations Issued by Adelaide City Council


This dataset includes all parking expiations issued by the Adelaide City Council, and includes data such as payments, current status and exemptions for all parking expiations issued during the last three years.
The dataset is refreshed on the 6th day of every month and includes data up to the end of the previous month. The data is re-written each month as statuses etc. do change for expiations issued during the period. The data is valid as of the date the extract is run.


Why is the amount paid greater than the Expiation Amount?
The expiation amount is the amount of the original Expiation Fee on the date the Expiation Fee is issued. After this time additional fees such as Reminder Fees, Search Fees and some others can be incurred which are added to the Expiation.
All Expiation Fees, Reminder Fees, Search Fees etc. are set by the State Government.

What is FERU?
FERU is the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit, who are responsible for the recovery and enforcement of unpaid Expiations. If an Expiation Remains unpaid Council will refer the matter to FERU to recover the debt. Expiations can also be referred to FERU when a payment plan is entered into.
When an Expiation has been referred to FERU the Offence Balance in the data is $0.

Why is the Offence Balance a negative figure?
On some occasions Adelaide City Council receives payments (either one or multiple payments) in excess of the amount payable for an Expiation. Council has a procedure in place to identify these payments and try to return the money.

General Information