Dataset: Aberbaldie Nature Reserve Vegetation 2005 VIS_ID 4704


Aberbaldie Nature Reserve vegetation mapping was undertaken by Dr John T. Hunter in 2005 by contract for the NPWS Northern Tableland Region. Aberbaldie Nature Reserve incorporates 292 ha and lies approximately 30 km south west of Walcha within the Northern Tablelands Botanical Region and the New England Tablelands Bioregion.

The vegetation of Aberbaldie Nature Reserve is described and mapped (scale 1:25
000). Five communities are defined based on classification (Kulczynski association). These five communities were mapped based on ground truthing, air photo interpretation and landform. Three communities are considered to be endangered and one considered as vulnerable, the fifth is considered to be poorly reserved. Most communities are of forest structure, though some sections are woodlands or derived woodlands based on past logging practices. The communities show considerable variation and intergrade along common boundaries and in particular on intermediate soil types or topographic positions.

VIS_ID 4704

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