Dataset: Data on the unpaid toll fees


Released under formal Government Information Public Access (GIPA) Application to Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) - FA#35 15-16

"The following information for each of Sydney's Motorways, that is a.) the M5 Motorway, b.) the M2 Motorway, c.) the Cross City Tunnel, d.) the M7 Westlink Motorway, e.) the M1 Eastern Distributor, f) the Lane Cove Tunnel and the g.) Harbour Bridge and Tunnel:

  1. The total number of fines issued for unpaid tolls in the 2014 calendar year and a breakdown, by tollway, of the unpaid tolls subject to fines.
  2. The number of these fines so far paid in the 2015 calendar year.
  3. The number of these fines subject to further enforcement action due to being unpaid.
  4. If known, the types of further enforcement action.
  5. I ask for questions for the above for the 2013, and 2012 calendar years.

General Information