Dataset: Great Soil Group (GSG) Soil Type map of NSW


This map provides soil types across NSW using the Great Soil Group classification. It uses the best available soils resource mapping coverage incorporating over 55 different datasets of multiple scales. Hence the published scale of this linework is between 1:100,000 - 1:500,000 depending on the dataset it originated from. Further information about these datasets are available in the 'Lineage', 'Positional accuracy' and 'Attribute accuracy' sections of the metadata.

The dominant soil type for each mapping unit was allocated using a modified listing of GSG soil types outlined in Table 1 (see dataset package).

Individual map units have been grouped and dissolved according to the GSG soil type field to produce the final map.

Online Maps: This dataset can be viewed using eSPADE (NSW’s soil spatial viewer), which contains a suite of soil and landscape information including soil profile data. Many of these datasets have hot-linked soil reports. An alternative viewer is the SEED Map; an ideal way to see what other natural resources datasets (e.g. vegetation) are available for this map area.

Reference: Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (2021) Soil Group (GSG) Soil Type map of NSW - Version 4.5, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Parramatta.

General Information