Distribution: NSW Cadastre Web Service - Metadata

Dataset: Spatial Services - NSW Cadastre


NSW Cadastre web service is a dynamic map of cadastral features extracted from the NSW Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB). It provides access to a state wide integrated database and a component of the foundation spatial datasets within the New South Wales.

A “cadastre” is an official register of property showing boundaries. The DCDB contains current land titles only.

The cadastral feature class layers provided through this web service includes:

• Large Rural Plan Extent

• Rural Plan Extent

• Section Extent

• Plan Extent

• Lot

• Plan Extent Labels

• Section Extent Labels

• Lot Labels

The available attributes for point queries are:

• Lot/Section/Plan string

• CadID

This web service allows users to easily integrate NSW Cadastre into Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant spatial platforms and applications. The NSW Cadastral web service can be used for resource management, environmental management, land use planning, agriculture management, emergency management and recreational purposes This service can be used to aggregate information for analytical purposes.

Cadastral boundary data in combination with geo-coded address data, imagery, demographic information and agency specific business information underpins the ability to perform high quality spatial analysis.

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