Dataset: State Debt Recovery Office debtors & types of debts


Released under formal Government Information Public Access (GIPA) Application to Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) - FA#115 15-16

"1. The number of State Debt Recovery Office debtors;
2. The amount owed by State Debt Recovery Office debtors;
3. A breakdown of the types of fines and how much owing for each type of fine;
4. Actions and/or proposals of actions taken to retrieve the money;
5. What, if any, increase in the penalty has occurred and if so, what was it.
6. The amount written off as a bad debt and reasons why;
7. The top 5 serial debtors - including how many times they have had fines registered by the State Debt Recovery Office, the nature of the fines, how much they owe, and their postcodes.

General Information