Dataset: Soil Data Confidence map for NSW


This map provides a guide to the data confidence of DPIE's soil related thematic map products in NSW. Examples of products this map supports includes Land and Soil Capability mapping, Inherent fertility of soils in NSW and Great Soil Group soil types in NSW.

Confidence classes are determined based on the data scale, type of mapping and information collected, accuracy of the attributes and quality assurance on the product.

Soil data confidence is described using a 4 class system between high and very low as outlined below.:

Online Maps: This dataset can be viewed using eSPADE (NSW’s soil spatial viewer), which contains a suite of soil and landscape information including soil profile data. Many of these datasets have hot-linked soil reports. An alternative viewer is the SEED Map; an ideal way to see what other natural resources datasets (e.g. vegetation) are available for this map area.

Reference: Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, 2020, Soil Data Confidence map for NSW, Version 4, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Parramatta.

General Information