Dataset: Estuarine Vegetation, Georges River, 2000. VIS_ID 4135


The estuarine vegetation of the lower Georges River was mapped using a combination of air photo interpretation and field survey techniques, thereby updating the maps of West et al. (1985) and Watford and Williams (1998). The new map extends the upstream coverage of wetlands identified by West et al. (1985) to Sylvania Waters, up the Woronora River and up the Georges River from Milperra to the Liverpool Weir. As a result, a uniform map of the type and distribution of estuarine macrophytes for the whole of the Georges River and the Kurnell peninsula now exists. Eight vegetative complexes have been described and located. A complex is considered to be a group of communities, and saltmarsh, for example, contains several recognisable communities. VIS_ID 4135

General Information