Dataset: Avondale State Conservation Area Vegetation 2014 VIS_ID 4706


Avondale State Conservation Area vegetation mapping was undertaken by Dr John T. Hunter in 2014 by contract for the NPWS Northern Tableland Region. Avondale State Conservation Area is located approximately 36 km north east of
Armidale and is accessed via the Rockvale Road. The reserve occurs on eastern side of the central New England Tablelands.

The vegetation of Avondale State Conservation Area is described and mapped (scale1:10 000) based on ADS40 Imagery (2012). Six floristic communities are defined based on classification (Kulczynski association) and seven Plant Community Types (VIS) are mapped. These six floristic communities and seven PCTs were mapped based on ground truthing, ADS40 interpretation and landform. Two Threatened Ecological Communities (TECs) were recognised and mapped also.

VIS_ID 4706

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