Dataset: Spatial Services - Environmental Spatial Programs - NSW Property


The NSW Property web service provides access to a polygon feature class that spatially represents an aspatial property description as provided by the Valuer Generals Department in their ValNet database.

The property features provided through this web service includes:

• Large Rural Property

• Rural Property

• Semi-Rural Property

• Urban Property

The available attributes for point queries are:

• Address string

• House Number

• PropID

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This web service allows users to easily integrate NSW Property into Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant spatial platforms and applications. NSW Property web service is used to spatially locate the property as defined by the Valuer General’s ValNet database. A property contains all address and the property ID related to it.

This service can be used to aggregate information for analytical purposes. Property data in combination with geo-coded address data, imagery, demographic information and agency specific business information underpins the ability to perform high quality spatial.

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