Dataset: Copepod data (1986-1988) in Albatross Bay


26 cruises between 1986 and 1988 recorded the biomass and species composition of tropical zooplankton in Albatross Bay, Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Australia. The initial data analysis was undertaken by Graham J B Ross between 20 November and 15 December 1999, where a significant number of errors, of various types where discovered and correction made. See attached metadata record REPORT.TXT. Zooplankton taxonomic groups were identified to species level where possible (from m6332.xls), with a primary focus on copepods, to produce the ESRI shape layer and m6332_copepods.xls. Data is stored as mean number of individuals per site. Sampling occurred across 5 sites (Site 1 = Inshore, Site 5 = Offshore, Sites progressed westward). Temperature and salinity were also recorded for many samples.

General Information