Dataset: East Coast Gulpershark Survey - autolongliner FV Diana 01/2009


Auto-Longline/dropline and baited camera systems used to survey 22 shelf break locations and one seamount location between Brisbane (QLD) and Hobart (TAS)to investigate the distribution of gulper shark species (genus Centrophorus). Three replicate samples of 1500 hooks at each station (except seamount) and up to four camera replicates from most stations. Complete catch composition and distribution of five Centrophorus species recorded. Tissue samples (genetics) collected from 587 dogsharks, 335 sharks tagged. All data in Exel spreadsheet 948KB. Voyage Report PDF 2571 KB. Tagged animals also entered into CMAR 'Tuna' tag database. Still and avi images 7.7 GB.

General Information