Dataset: Upper Ocean Thermal Data, Indian Ocean Line IX12 (Fremantle-Red Sea), 1986-current


This dataset contains temperature data from the TOGA/WOCE transect IX12 across the Indian Ocean, between Fremantle and the Red Sea. Data have been collected since December 1986 and are ongoing. The transect is repeated approximately monthly. Profiles are obtained approximately every 60km (a 1 degree latitude / 1.5 degree longitude grid). The data are obtained from XBTs (expendable bathythermographs) deployed via the Ship-of-Opportunity Program (SOOP) of the IOC/WMO Integrated Global Ocean Services System (IGOSS), and are now managed by the Joint Australian Facility for Ocean Observing Systems (JAFOOS), a collaborative venture between CSIRO Marine Research and the Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre (BMRC).

General Information