Dataset: Southern Surveyor Voyage SS 01/95 Biological Data Overview


This record is an overview entry for biological data collected on Southern Surveyor cruise SS 01/95, a part of the JGOFS Southern Ocean Processes study. This cruise took place in the Southern Ocean during 14 January - 2 February 1995, under the leadership of Brian Griffiths. Biological data collected on this cruise include measurements of in-situ optical properties, including spectral absorption and upwelling and down-welling spectral irradiance in the sub-tropical convergence zone (STCZ). Samples for pigment analysis, in-situ zooplankton grazing, samples from sediment traps, zooplankton and phytoplankton samples. Measurements of chlorophyll-a and other pigments, primary production, cyanobacteria, and lipids. Isotopic composition of phytoplankton carbon and nitrogen. Acoustic data to describe the distribution and movement of biological organisms. Please note: This metadata record is a preliminary entry derived from information in the cruise plan and/or cruise report. Individual data types - which may span several cruises - will be indexed separately within this metadata system in due course.

General Information