Dataset: Tasmanian Slope Trophodynamics Study 1991-1993: Chlorophyll Data


This record describes chlorophyll data collected as part of the 1991-1993 Tasmanian Slope Trophodynamics Study undertaken by CSIRO Division of Fisheries. Chlorophyll data were obtained from analyses of filters from Niskin bottle samples at a range of depths (surface to 1500 meters) on 4 cruises of FRV "Southern Surveyor" on three 60 km transects across the continental shelf to the south and south-east of Tasmania in July 1991 (cruise SS 02/91), February 1992 (cruise SS 01/92), November 1992 (cruise SS 04/92) and April 1993 (cruise SS 03/93). Analyses were carried out using spectrophotometric methods (cruise SS 01/92) and HPLC (3 remaining cruises), and analysed for chlorophylls a, b and c to give estimates of algal biomass in the water.

General Information