Dataset: Jervis Bay Habitat Distribution Maps 1985-1991


This series of 13 maps detail the marine and estuarine and habitats of Jervis Bay. The Marine Environment Research Program (CSIRO Division of Fisheries) produced this series with funding from the Department of Defence. They are based on aerial photographs and on ground-truth data collected between 1985 and 1991. Unmapped habitats and inaccurate boundaries are described briefly on each map. The maps were originally published in the Final Report, May 1994, Jervis Bay Baseline Studies, volume 3. The map titles are: Map 1 - Bowen Island to Scottish Rocks Map 2 - Bristol Point to HMAS Creswell Map 3 - Seamans Beach to Hyams Beach Map 4 - Plantation Point Map 5 - look of the - Moona Moona Creek Map 6 - Currambene Creek to Callala Beach Map 7 - Currambene Creek - Upper Map 8 - Callala Beach to Callala Point Map 9 - Callala Bay to Red Point Map 10 - Cararma Creek Map 11 - Red Point to Cararma Inlet Map 12 - Green Island to Long Beach Map 13 - Bindijine Beach to Dart Point The final original digital files have been lost. The PDF files available for download here were created from a set of Encapsulated Post Script files recovered from old Jervis Bay Baseline Studies working group data backups. These were then edited to include text detailing the unmapped habitats and inaccurate boundary information taken from the printed maps in the Final Report. Apart from some minor layout variations, these files are an accurate representation of the final published maps.

General Information