Dataset: Pressure from Anthropogenic Modification of Foreshores in the Southern NRM Region


This dataset is part of the assessment and mapping of foreshore value, condition and pressure in the Southern Natural Resource Management (NRM) Region of Tasmania. The 17 line maps produced in this study are intended to be used as a tool to assist managers and stakeholders in the identification of management issues with regards to foreshore planning, development, and natural resources. Assessment of the foreshore is based on the division of the high water line into 100m segments. Using a decision matrix and rule set, each foreshore segment is assigned a score for three main components: fields, attributes and indices. Segments are colour coded based on their attribute or index score to reflect the differing levels of overall natural value, human use value, condition, pressure or components thereof. This digital line map is a representation of the anthropogenic modifications of foreshores in the southern NRM region and is an attribute layer supporting the Pressure Index. Anthropogenic modification is assessed based on foreshore access, levels of clearing and construction within 100 and 500 metres of the intertidal zone, the presence of industry within 500 metres and 1 kilometre of the intertidal zone, foreshore structures and the risk to the long-term viability of adjacent vegetation. An explanatory report is available from the data custodian which provides detailed methodology and further explanation of the dataset.

General Information