Dataset: Landslide Damage Polygons of Tasmania (Mineral Resources Tasmania)


Polygons of structures or property damaged by a landslide, throughout Tasmania, with summary damage data derived from the Geohazards (Landslide) Database, Tasmanian Information on Geoscience and Exploration Resources (TIGER) system; administered by Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT). A landslide is defined as a downslope movement of a mass of rock, debris or earth by a variety of failure modes (slide, flow, spread, fall, topple, or combinations thereof) – but excludes subsidence (such as karst areas). The summary damage data includes: the damage ID (database reference), the type of structure or property damaged, the cause of the damage, the severity of the damage, the earliest known date of damage, the landslide ID (database reference for associated landslide), and related reports (largely MRT reports). Only the landslide damage reported to MRT is included.

General Information