Dataset: L125 Tumut Trough Seismic survey, NSW, 1987


A joint project between the Geology Department of the Australian National University and Geoscience Australia was conducted to investigate the crustal structure underlying the Tumut Trough, NSW. The objective of this survey was to image the bounding faults of the Tumut Trough, in order to test various geological models which have been proposed for its formation. Forty five kilometres of nominal a-fold common mid-point (CMP) seismic reflection data were collected in the two week recording period of the ANU vacation, from the 4-16 May. The traverse was chosen to cross the trough perpendicular to strike given the constraint of using existing roads and tracks. The seismic traverse started a km NNE of Adjungbilly and finished 3 km SW of Midway.

Raw data for this survey are available on request from - Quote eCat# 76517

General Information