Dataset: Darwin Harbour Bathymetry Survey 2010 (GA0333)


The Darwin Harbour bathymetry survey, GA-0333 was acquired by Geoscience Australia (GA), iXSurvey Australia Pty Ltd, and the Darwin Port Corporation (DPC) onboard the vessel 'Matthew Flinders' from 17 October to 07 November 2010 using GA's Kongsberg EM3002D multibeam sonar system and DPC's

The specific objectives of the survey were to: 1. Obtain high resolution geophysical (bathymetry) data for Darwin Harbour; 2. Characterise substrates (acoustic backscatter properties, grainsize, sediment chemistry) for Darwin Harbour; and 3. Collect tidal data for the survey area.

This V0 dataset contains a 1m resolution 32-bit geotiff of the Darwin Harbour survey area produced from the processed EM3002D sonar bathymetry data.

This dataset is published with the permission of the CEO, Geoscience Australia
Not to be used for navigational purposes.

General Information