Dataset: Exploring for the Future – Petrology release of NDI Carrara 1, South Nicholson region, Northern Territory


NDI Carrara 1 is a deep stratigraphic drill hole (~1751m) completed in 2020 as part of the MinEx CRC National Drilling Initiative (NDI) in collaboration with Geoscience Australia and the Northern Territory Geological Survey. It is the first test of the Carrara Sub-basin, a depocentre newly discovered in the South Nicholson region based on interpretation from seismic surveys (L210 in 2017 and L212 in 2019) recently acquired as part of the Exploring for the Future program. The drill hole intersected approximately 1100 m of Proterozoic sedimentary rocks uncomformably overlain by 630 m of Cambrian Georgina Basin carbonates.
This report presents the petrology conducted on 50 selected thin sections of NDI Carrara 1 undertaken by Microanalysis Australia (under contract to Geoscience Australia as part of the Exploring for the Future program).

General Information