Dataset: Geophysical survey, Roma, Queensland Progress report


In November, 1947, at the joint request of the Queensland Government and four companies which are associated with the search for oil in the area, the Bureau commenced geophysical work in the Roma district of Central Queensland. During the first phase of the geophysical operations, gravity and magnetic methods were applied in the reconnaissance of a large area. The object of these operations was to disclose gravity or magnetic anomalies which might be related to geological structures, indicate the broader structural elements of the sedimentary basin in which the oil and gas occur, and enable areas to be selected for investigation by more exact methods. The purpose of this report is to state clearly the geological problem and the geophysical methods adopted in the attempt to solve it. The geology of the area, possible oil-bearing structures, and the application of geophysical methods to date, are discussed. A sketch map and geological section plan are included.

General Information