Dataset: Interpretation of Seismic Data, Capel and Faust Basins, Australia's Remote Offshore Eastern Frontier


The Capel and Faust basins are located in a remote part of deepwater offshore eastern Australia. They are largely Cretaceous rifts formed within a 1600 km long ribbon of continental crust (the Lord Howe Rise) that became detached from Australia during the fragmentation of the eastern Gondwana plate margin and the opening of the Tasman Basin. As part of Geoscience Australia (GA)'s ongoing work to identify and evaluate the resource potential of Australia's offshore frontier basins, approximately 6 000 km of industry-standard, 106-fold 2D seismic data was acquired over the Capel and Faust basins during late 2006 and early 2007. These data supplemented earlier, sparse regional seismic data and were complemented by the acquisition of approximately 24 000 km2 of multibeam bathymetry and 11 000 line kilometres of shipboard gravity and magnetic data by GA in late 2007. This record details the interpretation of the seismic data and is intended to complement the release of a digital version of the interpretations in workstation formats (GeoFrame, Kingdom). Scientific conclusions drawn from the seismic interpretations and, very importantly, from an integration of the seismic, potential field and other data sets are beyond the scope of this record and are published in other GA Records, scientific papers and conference proceedings volumes.

General Information