Dataset: Notes on mica occurrences at Mt Kitchin, Chillagoe district, northern Queensland


Mount Kitchin lies about thirty miles west from Chillagoe in Northern Queensland and is 13 miles by bush-track south-west from the now deserted town site of Arbouin on Cardross copper field. Six claims embrace the mica deposits at Mount Kitchin, but only three of these could be examined, on the 8th October, 1942, in the short time at disposal. The brief examination of these three claims, namely, "Wonder", "Anniversary" and "Southern Cross" confirms the remarks of Mr C.C. Morton in his report dated 1/5/42 to the Chief Geologist, Brisbane, and it appears that the "Southern Cross" and "Anniversary" claims contain the only deposits which may become producers in the future. When compared with the mica deposits of Central Australia the pegmatite bodies at Mount Kitchin are very small.

General Information