Dataset: Yampi - Derby, WA, 2009 (North Canning 2) (P1214), elevation line data


The Digital Elevation Model represents ground surface topography between points of known elevation. The elevation data was calculated using the altimeters and Global Positioning System (GPS) sensor used for the benefit of airborne magnetic and radiometric data on the same survey. The elevation is the height relative to the Australian Height Datum GDA94 (AUSGEOID09). The processed elevation data is checked for quality by GA geophysicists to ensure that the final data released by GA are fit-for-purpose.
These line dataset from the Yampi - Derby, WA, 2009 (North Canning 2) survey were acquired in 2009 by the WA Government, and consisted of 68011 line-kilometres of data at 400m line spacing and 60m terrain clearance.

General Information