Dataset: Australia - CRA/RFA - Forests - Combined Regional Forest Agreement Boundaries Coverage without state boundaries


This dataset is a polygon coverage combining all the Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) and Comprehensive Regional Assessment (CRA) boundaries as supplied by the respective states for the purposes of the RFA process. The various boundaries have been combined to create a national coverage for use in a decision support system for implementing the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act and other uses.

A total of 11 CRA boundaries were used:

These 11 datasets have been combined with "Australia, coastline and state borders 1:100 000" coverage "Aust100k" , to produce a national map displaying all formal RFA regions, as well as all areas of Australia not covered by an RFA.

NB: A boundary for the Tasmanian RFA was not supplied for this coverage. Instead, the Tasmanian coastline represented by the Aust_100k coverage was used.

This coverage is a generalized representation of RFA boundaries which have been adapted from true coverages to create a national coastline and and remove inconsistencies between internal boundaries. As such it should only be used for application at a broad continental scale. Specific coverages of each RFA region should be used for any analysis and presentation at a finer scale.

General Information