Dataset: 2016 SoE Built Environment Population-weighted density change, selected cities, 2011–14


Population density metrics for 2011 Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2) within 2011 Greater Capital City Statistical Areas (GCCSA), including SA2 Population-weighted density (PWD) for 2011 and 2014, PWD change 2011-2014, and ERP population counts by density classes. Selected Density Classes were based on the Australian Population Density Grid published by the ABS, December 2014 (cat. no. 1270.0.55.007). Corresponding population metrics for 2011 GCCSAs. PWD using standardised 1km grid cells provides a more comparable measure of the density in larger regions. It does this by weighting the density using the proportion of population living at that density. In this way the density measure reflects the density at which people actually live. This removes the effect of large unpopulated areas that may be within the regions being compared. In this way comparisons between regions are more valid.

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Map prepared by the ABS and presented as Figure BLT3 in Built environment theme of the 2016 State of the Environment Report, available at

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