Dataset: Victorian National Pollutant Inventory 12-13


The National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) is a public Internet database, which provides the community, industry and government with free information about substance emissions and transfers in waste in Australia. The NPI database currently shows emissions of 93 substances from over 4,300 industrial facilities (including more than 870 in Victoria) and from non-industry (or diffuse) sources, such as non-reporting facilities and everyday household activities, including motor vehicle emissions, wood heaters and lawn mowers.

The NPI program aims to track levels of substance emissions to air, land and water so communities have access to information about emissions and transfers of toxic substances, that may affect them locally. The NPI specifically aims to:
• maintain and improve air and water quality;
• minimise environmental impacts associated with hazardous waste; and
• improve the sustainable use of resources.

Industrial facilities (above certain limits/thresholds) estimate their emissions and transfers annually using a variety of techniques and report to EPA Victoria and other jurisdictions. The diffuse emissions to air and surface waters are estimated by relevant state and territory government departments and published less frequently than the industry reports.

National Pollutant Inventory data is courtesy of the Australian Government and is available from

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