Dataset: RPS Galilee Basin: Report on the Hydrogeological Investigations - Appendix tables B to F (Spatial)



The Galilee Basin Operators' Forum (GBOF) is a group of petroleum companies exploring the Galilee

Basin for commercial quantities of hydrocarbons. Exploration activities include the search for

conventional hydrocarbons, and increasingly non-conventional hydrocarbon sources such as coal

seam gas (CSG). The CSG target is the Permian coal measures as shown in Figure 1.1.

Understanding and protecting groundwater is a key issue and community concern. As part of the

early exploration activities in the Galilee Basin, the GBOF companies have initiated this study to

assist in developing a regional and consistent subsurface description, and to document the existing

data for the groundwater systems in the Galilee Basin study area. RPS, as an independent company,

was contracted to perform the study and prepare a report.

This initial study should not be confused with a "baseline assessment" or "underground water impact

report" which are specific requirements under the Water Act 2000, triggered once production testing is

underway or production has commenced. This study gathers and assembles all the base historical

data which may be used in further studies. For the Galilee Basin study area, this investigation is

specifically designed to:

&#xF0A7 Review stratigraphy and identify possible aquifers beneath the GBOF member company


&#xF0A7 Delineate aquifers that warrant further monitoring; and

&#xF0A7 Obtain and tabulate current Department of Environment and Resource Management

Groundwater Database (DERM GWDB)( now the Department of Environment and Heritage

EHP)registered bore data including;

» Water bore location and summary statistics;

» Groundwater levels and artesian flow data; and

» Groundwater quality.

Data sources for this report include:

&#xF0A7 Groundwater data available in the DERM GWDB;

&#xF0A7 Petroleum exploration wells recorded in Queensland Petroleum Exploration Data (QPED);

&#xF0A7 DERM groundwater data logger/tipping bucket rain gauge program;

&#xF0A7 Springs of Queensland Dataset (version 4.0) held by DERM;

&#xF0A7 PressurePlot Version 2 developed by CSIRO and linked to a Pressure-Hydrodynamics

database; and

&#xF0A7 Direct communication with GBOF members.

Data was sourced in January 2011. Since then there has been considerable additional drilling by

GBOF members, which is not incorporated in this report. All data has been used by RPS as provided

without independent investigations to validate the data. It is recognised that historical data may be

subject to inaccuracies, however, as work progresses in the region, an improvement in data integrity

should be realised.

Dataset History

Tables as taken from Appendix B to F of the - Galilee Basin: Report on the Hydrogelogical Investigations, Prepared by RPS Australia PTY LTD for RLMS. PR102603-1: Rev 1 / December 2012.

Spatial datasets created for each appendix table using supplied coordinate values (MGA Zone 54, MGA Zone 55, GDA94 Geographics) where available, or spatially referencing (spatial join) the NGIS QLD core - bores dataset, via the unique DERM Registered Bore Numbers attribute field.

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Geoscience Australia (XXXX) RPS Galilee Basin: Report on the Hydrogeological Investigations - Appendix tables B to F (Spatial). Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 16 November 2016,

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