Dataset: Australian Government environmental information products and services


This dataset contains a list of environmental information products and services that have relevance to Australian Government and its stakeholders. It is produced and maintained for the Bureau of Meteorology's Environmental Information Products and Services Directory (available at

Developed as a product under the National Plan for Environmental Information (NPEI) initiative, the directory provides a central point of access for environmental information products and services that meet the following criteria: national coverage or significance, Australian Government operated or endorsed, publicly accessible, and currently maintained and supported.

All products and services in the directory’s dataset have a title, custodian, web link, and brief description. They are classified using keywords (tags) developed by the Bureau of Meteorology.

The list of products and services included in the directory is not exhaustive and will be updated several times per year.

Use the contact point listed below to amend current entries or nominate relevant products and services for inclusion in future revisions of the directory.

General Information