Dataset: 2016 SoE Biodiversity Threatened species richness across Australia


Map showing nationally threatened species richness across Australia. Analysed data provided by Dr Pia Lentini (University of Melbourne) - using data sourced from the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy website (viewed June 2013).

For further information on the data analysis see: Ives, C.D., Lentini, P.E., Threlfall, C.G., Ikin, K., Shanahan, D.F., Garrard, G.E., Bekessy, S.A., Fuller, R.A., Mumaw, L., Rayner, L. and Rowe, R., 2016. Cities are hotspots for threatened species. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 25(1), pp.117-126 (

Information on the Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy's open data can be found at

Map prepared by the Department of Environment and Energy in order to produce Figure BIO5 in the Biodiversity theme of the 2016 State of the Environment Report, available at

The map service can be viewed at:

Downloadable spatial data also available below.

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