Dataset: Zooplankton community structure in nearshore waters of the Great Barrier Reef


A study of zooplankton from 10 stations located in nearshore waters adjacent to two catchments (one near-pristine - Princess Charlotte Bay, and the other intensely farmed - Innisfail) of the Great Barrier Reef.

CTD casts were made through the water column at each station for salinity and temperature data. Water samples for chlorophyll a were made. Environmental variables include day and night, location and date (can allocate season, year).

Mesozooplankton community structure and biomass were sampled by triplicate bottom to surface plankton hauls. Half of each sample was analysed for community composition (65 zooplankton taxa found) and the other for DW biomass estimates based on size (73-150µm, 150-350µm, >350µm).

Juvenile growth rates of cyclopoid and calanoid copepods, mature female copepod (Paracaluanus aculaeatus, P. aculaeatus minor, P. indicus, Acrocalanus gracilis, Bestiolina similis, Parvocalanus crassirostris) egg production, and secondary production were measured.

General Information